What is Sizzy?

Sizzy is an ultimate browser for web developers. It packs a bunch of tools that make web-development easier and more efficient when compared to working in a traditional browser.

What did I do for Sizzy?

I’ve been working very closely with the founder of the project since late 2018. I helped get the project off-the-ground in June 2019 and been since involved in every phase of the product development. Since then, I’ve served as a Founding Engineer and a Lead Developer for the project.

In addition to shipping new features and maintaining the Sizzy app, I have also helped develop the following systems

  • Licensing backend
  • Customer portal
  • Product landing page with design and copy
  • App updates server
  • CI/CD deployment pipeline

Being part of a small bootstrapped team, I have wore multiple hats and did whatever was required for the wellness and growth of the product and the company.

Apart from my technical responsibilities, I have also contributed in

  • Business decisions
  • Growth strategy
  • UX research and design
  • Data analytics
  • Copywriting
  • Interviewing and hiring talent